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Each musician of the SBPB wears the uniform of one regiment of Scottish infantry which took part in the 1914/1918 fightings, especially in the Somme and Nord Pas de Calais French Counties.

                                                       Buttons of these regiments of Scottish infantry : 


  BOUTON BW               BOUTON ASH               BOUTON CAMERON               bouton gordon               BOUTON SEAFORTH
                BLACK WATCH       ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND           CAMERON 
                          GORDON                            SEAFORTH                    
     BOUTON RSF                      BOUTON KOSB                   BOUTON HLI                    BOUTON CAMERONIAN                     BOUTON ROYAL SCOTS 
    ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS             KOSB                                     HLI                             
CAMERONIANS                   ROYAL SCOTS     


                                   Capbadges of Scottish infantry regiments of 1914/1918

            Parade uniform of a scottish piper :                                                                                               and uniform worn in tranches :

                 uniforme parade                                                     uniforme tranchées


service Dress 



Beaumont Hamel & La Boisselle


       For visitors of Flanders and the Somme area of Northern France, it’s not unusual to meet the band during the many and varied services and ceremonies of Remembrance held throughout the year. 
       With Veterans groups, VIP’s and private individuals coming to pay their respects to the Fallen of 1914/1918 and 1939/1945 and formed in 1989, SBPB is based in Péronne and has more than 20 members who continue to learn and play, also to choose a tartan in memory of the Scottish Infantry Regiments who fought in this region and for all those who gave the ultimate Sacrifice! This being the answer of the most often asked question: « why all wear the different tartans in the band? »
        The SBPB has strong connections in Europe, also in Canada, USA and Australia, having played with and for many groups and associations from around the world, his circle of friends keeps growing.


Arromanches - Normandy - DDay ceremony




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