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Le 29/5/18

Dear Yves
Thank you so much for enabling us to experience such a beautiful commemoration service for our Great Uncle on Sunday last. The setting in which Jimmy is buried is so peaceful and serene and so lovingly cared for. I will confess I had not fully appreciated how much time and effort you had put in until I saw the result on Sunday, I know I speak for all my family when I say we were very moved by the beauty of the ceremony. Would you please convey our gratitude to Madame Abad for welcoming us into her house and giving us such a lovely lunch. Also to Bernard for taking the photos and showing us his 'museum'. I hope all your many other commitments during this anniversary Summer go well for you - I'm sure they will. You and your wife, Bernard and Mrs Abad and Keith have given my family and I a day we will never forget.

Thank you very much.

Paul and Karen Spears

Le 21/5/18

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Le 24/4/18

Cher Yves, j'ai beaucoup apprécié votre prestation de l'après midi à Péronne. Tout est de grande qualité chez vous et vraiment je tiens à te l'exprimer ici. Dis le bien de ma part à toutes les amies et amis musiciens de ta formation.
Pierre Marie

Le 19/4/18

Merci pour votre magnifique prestation mardi dernier à Douai. Cela m'a fait énormément de plaisir que le Somme Battlefield Pipe Band puisse partager ce moment avec nous et faire en sorte que le tournois se termine en beauté. Amitiés, Valérie Bince.

Le 18/4/18

It was great to meet up with our good friends, The Somme Battlefield pipe band at Highland Cemetery Roclincourt followed by a lovely welcome reception at the Marie with the mayoress of Roclincourt. The day was rounded off at the Vimy Ridge Canadian memorial where the pipe major played a lament and the secretary laid a wreath ‘no man forgotten’! We will remember them.

Le 9/4/18

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Le 26/3/18

Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre formidable participation à notre cérémonie.
J'espère que vous avec également passé un agréable moment.
Bien cordialement
Mme Pudepiece

Le 16/3/18

Hello Yves and Paule,
You are very welcome my Friend, I thought it might help to cheer you up a little with what you have been going through lately. Yes you are very busy and it's a great thing you do Playing for and supporting all our Soldiers, you really do a wonderful job my Friend congratulations.. I hope you are all well and fit I'm feeling great hope to hear from you soon all the best and take care§
yours aye , George

Le 9/3/18

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Le 27/1/18

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Le 27/11/17

Good Evening Yves,
It was really good to meet up with you at Cantaing and listen to your excellent Pipe Band. Very fine playing - especially in the Church.
Wishing you and the members of our Pipes and Drums the compliments of the season.

Yours aye

Bob Shanks.

Le 24/11/17


Le Président et le Conseil d’administration du Comité tiennent à vous expri-mer leur reconnaissance pour votre participation à l’hommage rendu aux civils et militaires belges et étrangers tombés sur sol belge en 1917 et parti-culièrement aux sacrifices et souffrances endurées par les Femmes dans la Guerre de 1914-1918, les mamans et familles dans l’angoisse, les veuves et orphelins, les femmes militaires ou les Résistantes et celles ayant remplacé les soldats dans les usines ou les ayant soignés dans des hôpitaux.

Ne pas les commémorer eût été inconcevable et profondément injuste…

Le 22/11/17

well done to a special pipeband come rain hale wind and snow you are there x a big thank you to all my friends in the band

Le 15/11/17

Great could listen to them all day very well done lads and lassies keep up the good work. Best wishes for 2018 hope to visit N. France at some point health pemitting. Bill.

Le 15/11/17

Encore merci pour votre professionnalisme et la qualité de votre prestation.

Le 15/11/17

Votre prestation a été très appréciée de tous et je pense que cette manifestation a été une réussite

Le 12/11/17

Magnifique prestation de votre groupe
cet apres midi a LESPESSES 62
Que d'émotions lorsqu'on vous entend jouer
ainsi et quel honneur rendu ainsi a tout ces soldats qui ont donné leur vie pour notre liberté. On en redemande.

Le 5/11/17

Merci pour votre appréciation.
Grand merci également pour cette info concernant la médaille.
Bravo à votre équipe !!
A bientôt

Bertrand LECOMTE
Président de l'A.T.B.14-18

Le 19/10/17

Dear Yves,

On behalf of Anthony Allam and myself I wish to express our very great thanks to yourself and to Alain for your attendance at the 1st Battalion Essex Regiment plaque dedication ceremony at Gueudecourt on 12th October. We were extremely pleased that you agreed to play for us, and we thank you for doing a splendid job.

I expect you are more used to attending and performing at much larger ceremonies, but I hope you thought that this small ceremony was worthwhile. No matter how big or small, to a whole regiment or to just one individual soldier, they are all remembered.

We were pleased that you were able to stay long enough to accompany us to the site of the 1st Essex's attack, and to play for us 'in the field'.

To Alain and yourself we once again say a very big THANK YOU.

In sincerity, and with best regards, Alan.

Le 8/10/17

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Le 15/9/17

Bon travail! C'était génial de vous rencontrer en France!

Le 5/9/17

A very special band of people who will always be friends of our family. TOM HENDRIE

Le 5/9/17

Hello Yves. Would like to thank you again for a super weekend. It was very fine to see how much friendship exists between the two bands. Thank you for your commitment to the housing of us. Really hope we can realize that there is a practice weekend. Greetings to the whole family. Jan

Le 27/8/17

Please accept our thank you to you and all your band members for such a good job at the Centennial Ceremony and the Fete. The Somme Battlefield Pipe Band was the musical backbone of both events. Here is a link for video from Télégohelle, https://youtu.be/XiTXOKjq98M . There is good coverage of the band’s performance.

As good as the ceremony at the Memorial Park was, the set you played for the Fete was a lot of fun and entertaining. I hope you all remember the warm reaction you received from the crowd.

Christopher Sproule

Hill 70 Event Coordinator

Le 3/7/17

Yves, do not worry, we could not get to you because of all the people BUT we heard you and as always you played beautifully. much love, Anne


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